Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Kauai through the mud

Kauai was not the greatest today. Low visibility for the most part although we did have a nice wall with big parrotfish and surgeonfish on our first dive. There has been a lot of rain on Kauai recently which has resulted in a lot of river outflow and murky water. Coming up from our first dive today we hit what looked like a tan ceiling at about 15 feet. Below 15 feet the water was pretty clear, about 20 meters visibility. Above 15 feet we couldn't see the towboard bridal 2 feet in front of us. It made of a very interesting effect.

The REA team wasn't able to make one dive today on account of visibility. They also had some excitement when a particularly large wave crashed OVER their boat on the way back to the ship. Two people were momentarily washed overboard (and were picked up 30 seconds later). The boat was filled with water but drained quickly. No one was seriously injured but it was certainly exciting.

Anyway, tomorrow we are off to Niihau which will hopefully be better. Less runoff. So far we have completed 59 tow surveys and have covered 143 kilometers UNDERWATER!!!


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