Tuesday, July 25, 2006

In the Beginning

In the beginning ... there were delays.

We were scheduled to leave port this morning. However, things do not always unfold as planned. We learned last week that two of the small boats we use in our daily operations were broken. It seems they had been for some time, but for some reason, repairs had not been completed. So, we have been delayed by 24 hours in the hopes that at least one of the boats will be able to be repaired. The prognosis is good and it looks like we will leave port in the morning.

Our first day of operations will take place off the east coast of the island of Oahu, near Rabbit Island and the town of Waimanalo. This is where Cristi and I used to live and it will be interesting to spend more time surveying the reefs in the area. I am looking forward to the new perspective.


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