Friday, October 20, 2006

Return to base...

Some time has past since my last post.

After a final exciting day of diving we have returned to Honolulu to process data and await our next expedition. Our final day was spent off the southeast coast of the Big Island of Hawaii where Pele, goddess of the volcanoe was obliging, sending small streams of lava pouring over the sea cliffs and into the water. Aobove water we were treated with favorable winds which blew the acrid plumes of steam and sulfurid acid away from our boat and on toward the clouds.

Below water, the water rapidly changed from Hawaii's crystal clear blue, to a dark, ash-filled soup of greys and browns. We knew we were getting close to the excitement when we started to hear the cracking and popping of lava as it enters the water. That's it! No need to get crazy. I think this was the first dive ever we have had to call on account of lava!